During Nintendo’s E3 2018 Video Presentation, the Mario Party franchises next big step was revealed in a title that is called “Super Mario Party” which is currently in the works for the Nintendo Switch. It seems Nintendo has officially left the “Mario Party” run behind them, and is now planning to reboot the series of titles as a “Super Mario Party” franchise, it’s only the next natural step, right?

Super Mario Party takes all we know and love about Mario Party but makes it a much more close and social experience by utilizing the Switch’s hardware and unique functions. Players will be able to connect their Switch’s together locally to enhance the gameplay experience offered by the local wireless features that are in the game. If linking up your Switch’s together isn’t your type of thing, you’ll also be able to use up to four joycons on a Switch for local wireless fun as well; players will be able to split off into teams if they so desire! Hope you value your friendships, as the competition is likely to get fierce.

While Super Mario Party seems to have a very heavy emphasis on local play, as most Mario Party games do – an online function of sorts will be available for those who wish to play with their friends online. While it’s not a full fledged online experience, players will be able to play mini-games of sorts with their friends online.

Super Mario Party launches on the Nintendo Switch on October 5th.