We recently heard word that Nintendo would have a few Nintendo Switch surprises up their sleeves during E3, and hell, they’ve gone as far as to confirm themselves that they do in fact have some surprises in store! While Nintendo is for the most part, very good at keeping secrets; it seems retail giant Best Buy may have accidentally spilled the beans on some of the company’s biggest E3 2017 surprises.

Over on Best Buy Canada, the site seems to have accidentally put up listings for a few Nintendo Switch titles that have yet to be announced. These titles include; Super Smash Bros, Pikmin World, and Dragon Quest XI. While Dragon Quest XI is readying up it’s release in Japan this July, it’s a bit hard to believe that Square Enix is already planning the games release on Western shores, so soon. Aside from that, both a Super Smash Bros title on the Nintendo Switch as well as a Pikmin title have been highly rumored for sometime now, so there is a very good chance that these listings are legitimate.


Nintendo will be holding their E3 2017 Spotlight Presentation on Tuesday, June 13th at 9am PT. If there is any truth to these Best Buy Canada listing, they will be shown in the light during that event; so I suppose until then it will be a waiting game.