Finally! WOW, Finally! Yes, it’s beenĀ a little over a year since Tetris Ultimate debuted on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo 3DS. The title, rumored to be the last Tetris game for awhile, was also supposed to arrive on PC, shortly after the other platform launches. However, as time went on, the PC crowd was left in the dark, not knowing if the PC version was cancelled or still in development.

Luckily, the Tetris Company finally broke the silence earlier today, by revealing on the Twitter that the PC (Steam), version of the game will be arriving next week on December 8th! Not much more detail was revealed other than this, however odds are the game will receive it’s own Steam achievements, trading cards, etc, like many other titles that release on Steam.

As a huge Tetris fan, I am extremely stoked for the PC version, and I’ve been waiting off purchasing the title on my other platforms, simply because I enjoy playing Tetris on the PC the most.