If you were one of the people who checked out the Microsoft E3 2018 Press Conference, you probably left feeling like the future is full of Gears. While I personally was unable to catch a Live viewing of Microsoft’s E3 2018 Press Conference, one of the main things I immediately took away from it is that the Gears of War franchise is making a huge resurgence in the near future and rightfully so.

I always felt like Gears never really got the attention it deserved, it always seemed like the smaller guy behind the giant that is the Halo franchise, while also standing in the shadow of the Call of Duty franchise. Of course, Gears 4 definitely changed things quite a bit, and was arguably one of the most successful Gears titles ever – but now, with the next Halo title quite a way’s off, Gears finally seems to be at the forefront as far as Xbox IP’s are concerned.

During E3 2018 several new Gears of War games were announced, the first of which was a mobile title entitled “Gears Pop” a title that takes a funko pop spin on the Gears of War characters and action. Not much detail was revealed regarding the title aside from the release window that is 2019 and the platforms that will be IOS and Android. Another more unique Gears of War title that was announced was “Gears Tactics” a turn-based tactic focused Gears game that is in development for PC that is also slated for 2019. Lastly of course is Gears 5, a title we knew would eventually be on the way as the Gears 4 story left much room for it to be so.

Gears 5 will be the first Gears of War title to feature a playable female lead as the story is centered around the character Kate Diaz, who originally got her debut is Gears of War 4. The game will feature her partaking a journey for answers regarding the locust crest that was given to her by her grandmother. It seems she will be going through quite a bit of emotional and mental trauma throughout the duration of Gears 5, what exactly that will mean for the rest of characters is yet to be seen – but it will provide an interesting adventure nonetheless.


With Halo Infinite very far off, as is most major IP’s that were unveiled during E3 2018, Gears of War will be one of the main star franchises in 2019 and I cannot wait to indulge into the Gears universe once again.

Gears 5 launches in 2019 for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.