In this day in age, it’s almost impossible to escape a Season Pass; every title is pretty much getting one, and while they can definitely be a great thing for those who are “in it for the long run” when it comes to the title they are picking up, for others it seems to be a sort of unnecessary option, as they feel all content should be included up-front.

While that’s a conversation for another day, today Nintendo has revealed that their upcoming title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, would in fact be receiving several DLC releases, along with a Expansion Pass for those who would like to be in on all of the future content updates. The Season Pass is set to be available on March 3rd for $19.99 and will allow players to immediately receive all of the upcoming DLC for the title, once it’s ready.

The first set of content on the way will arrive the same day Breath of the Wild launches; it will include 3 new Treasure Chests, which will contain useful items as well as exclusive in-game clothing. These treasure chests must be found in game, and can be found in the Great Plateau.

During the Summer, another set of content will be available in a package titled “DLC Pack 1”; this pack will contain a new Cave of Trials challenge, a Hard Mode option for the game, as well as Additional Map features. DLC Pack 2 will also be on the way, but will be arriving this Holiday Season, and will contain a new original story, new dungeons, and additional challenges.

While the information regarding the DLC Pack 1 and 2 content is a bit vague, it is nice to see that Nintendo will be evolving the game overtime. The “New original story” definitely has me very interested the most.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild heads to both the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd.