If you are just as tired as I am of hearing about everyone’s latest Fire Emblem: Heroes Character pulls and how ticked off they are that they didn’t get their 5-star Fire Emblem waifu; well good news, as it seems like the Fire Emblem: Heroes may be a thing of the past once a supposed mobile Zelda title releases.

The Wall Street Journal has recently reported this week that Nintendo is currently working on a The Legend of Zelda title which will be exclusive to smartphones and tablets. The title is a bit far off however, and has been confirmed to be releasing sometime after the launch of the Animal Crossing mobile title which is currently slated for the end of the year – ultimately making The Legend of Zelda mobile title a 2018 release.


It will be very interested to see what Nintendo comes up with as far as a mobile Legend of Zelda title is concerned. I can only imagine how awesome a The Legend of Zelda Maker would be on mobile platforms, with the ability to put together LoZ levels utilizing any of the traditional handheld Zelda engines, though something like that is likely much more probable to arrive on either the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo 3DS.


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