Golf fans! Hot Shots Golf is finally arriving on the PlayStation 4, Sony has recently announced. And that’s not even the most shocking news, what is even more shocking is that the franchise seems to be dropping the “Hot Shots Golf” name all-together, and this new upcoming title will be released as “Everybody’s Golf“, instead. Apparently the title has gone under this name in Japan “Minna no Golf”, as well as in Europe for quite sometime, so I guess they really want everyone to be on the same base as far as the title goes.

Everybody’s Golf was originally announced in 2014, and was known then as “New Hot Shots Golf” – clever, don’t you think? Regardless of that, Everybody’s Golf will be arriving on the PlayStation 4 this year and is shaping up to be the biggest Hot Shots Golf title ever. The game is more open-world based, much-like how many of the RPG Mario Golf/Mario Tennis titles were on the Gameboy and Gameboy Advanced systems.

In Everybody’s Golf, players will be able to create and customize their own avatar and even do other things outside of golfing such as fishing, buggy racing, treasure hunting, and more! All of these activities will be accessible via online as well, so get ready to team-up with your friends for some quality golf, or hunting, racing, etc, action!


Everybody’s Golf is officially set to arrive on the PlayStation 4 on August 29th. PS4 owners who pre-order the title will receive an Everybody’s Golf avatar, a 20th anniversary golf course, as well as a dynamic PS4 theme and tons of cosmetic items to customize your golfer with.