We’re a bit late to the party on this announcement, but for those of you that have possibly been living under a rock since the announcement, this one is for you! Just a few days ago during Nintendo of Japans “Nintendo 3DS Direct”, the company unveiled a brand new Nintendo 3DS, entitled “New Nintendo 3DS” The new iteration of the current systems feature bigger screens, colored a,b,x, and y buttons, a tiny c-stick, extra shoulder buttons (much like the recent console controllers), faster download speed, built in amiibo functionality, and much more.


Nintendo has claimed that this system has also been designed to enhance the 3D viewing angles, giving the system an overall better 3D experience than it’s predecessors. The New Nintendo 3DS, will come in two different models, a standard sized, as well as an XL size, both of which feature slightly bigger screens than their predecessors.


The handheld has been announced to come in white, metallic blue, black, and metallic black, and will be available October 11th in Japan for 16,000 and 18,800 yen, for regular and XL respectively.

The handheld has recently been confirmed to be coming to the states in 2015, no price point has been announced as of yet.