Nintendo seems to be keeping the announcement live-stream ball rolling for the start of this year, as the company held a Game Freak Pokemon Direct last week, and now, a special video broadcast for ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ coming this week, which will feature the games director Masahiro Sakurai who will be unveiling a brand new DLC character.

The new DLC character will surely be the final character for the “Fighters Pass #1” for the game, which has steadily been receiving DLC characters since it’s release roughly a year and change ago. Fans have already begun to speculate who this DLC character might be, as the only hint we have seem to have gotten is of the three ‘question marks’ presented in the thumbnail of the upcoming live-stream, as well as Sakurai himself holding up three fingers, seemingly hinting that the number “3” will somehow play a big role in this announcement. Will we be receiving three characters? A characters that’s three characters in one? Similar to Pokemon Trainer? Who knows..

Luckily, we won’t have to wait long, as the special video presentation will be going live in just a couple of day’s on January 16th, at 6am PT, and will be about 35 minutes. So plenty of time for a ton of information! Who are you hoping will be revealed during the video presentation? Personally, I’m still rooting for Waluigi to be released as an official character, but with that looking less likely as time goes on, I’m hoping we could still possibly see some more “underappreciated” Nintendo representatives make it into the game.