Yesterday was a very exciting day for most Blizzard fans at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. ¬†Earlier this week, we knew Blizzard had planned to reveal the next “chapter” within the WoW universe, and we were finally given a clear look today as they officially revealed the next expansion.

Entitled “World of Warcraft: Legion”, this expansion takes place after Warlords of Draenor of course, following Guldan’s action to bring back the Burning Legion. The expansion will feature a handful of new features and additions, such as new raids and dungeons of course, ¬†an upgrade to the PvP system, a level cap of 110, an artifact weapon system, and a whole bunch more!

Odds are we won’t hear to much more about the expansion until Blizzcon, which will be taking place this November! It’s very likely that the next expansion won’t be arriving until Spring of 2016 at the earliest, but the hype is still there!

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