Earlier today, a supposed leak for an upcoming Switch listing has been surfacing across the net, hyping up many Pokémon fans and even disappointing others. The listing is for the title “Pokemon Master Collection”, a Switch title which claims to contain Pokemon Red version, Pokemon Gold version, and Pokemon Ruby version. The listing also states that each title has been updated to support online play, as well as compatibility with the Pokemon Home application.

While it’s quite likely this leak is a fake for various reasons, the most prominent seems to be the fact that the collection only includes one title of each generation, instead of all three, or rather – instead of each generations deluxe release (Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Emerald.)

This is one of many reasons why a collection of this caliber would be quite disappointing, that’s not even considering how a claimed “Master Collection” could leave out the DS entries especially. Regardless, crazy Pokémon fans will likely pick up this collection anyway, if it in fact turns out to be legitimate, we can only hope that further collections are on the way that feature many of the beloved DS entries. But for now, take this with a grain of salt.