E3 is basically Christmas in the Summer for me, and probably for more big-time gamer’s out there who are always up to their ears regarding video game announcements. This year I feel will be the most exciting E3 of this console generation. While the last two years were generally seemingly focused on companies pushing their next-gen hardware; this year is shaping up to be more about the games than ever. Several titles have been revealed within the last few weeks, some of which I would think would be saved until E3 kicks off. Despite the titles that have recently been announced, none of which have really increased my hype levels all that much. There are a good handful of titles I’d like to see announced this year at E3, while a few may be a little unlikely at this point, others I can almost taste are on the way. Here is my top 5 E3 2015 Wishlist.


#5 – Socom 5 (PS4) 

Socom is one of the main titles that has always attracted me to the 3rd person shooter genre. Though I’ve never personally owned a Socom game in my entire life, this did not stop me from loving Socom 4 when I first played it a long time ago. Strategic shooters will always have a place in my heart, you’re probably thinking “Just play Counter Strike, Glake!” And while you may have a good point, Socom seemed to offer a bit of faster gameplay than what CS provides, while still being a highly strategic game. Also not to mention, CS is a FPS. At the moment, I would think an HD remaster of all 4 titles, or even the 4th are much more likely to be on the way than a 5th iteration, but you never know..


#4 – Super Mario Galaxy 3 (Wii U)

I hate Mario. Not the games, the games are amazing. But I hate Mario, as a character. The first Super Mario Galaxy alllmooost made me want to like Mario as a character, but luckily I came back to my senses. Despite how much of a dorky character I think Mario is, his games are amazing, as a matter of fact, I do not think there is a single Mario game I have ever disliked. The first Super Mario Galaxy is undoubtedly my favorite Mario game of all time. I still remember booting it up the first time on release day, back when I was a huge Nintendo fan-boy. The visuals were stunning to me, despite the game being in 480p. But not only that, I felt like the series had finally moved to a location where it always belonged, IN SPACE! After all, Mario is always going around collecting stars. I felt it was a perfect move by Nintendo to make an iteration of the Mario games take place within several galaxies, it just felt to right. So yes, Super Mario Galaxy 3 is definitely on my list for my top 5 most wanted games from E3 this year. We probably won’t get it, especially with Mario Maker on the way, and Nintendo straying away from bombarding us with Mario titles every year, but still, one could hope right?


#3 -Gear of War: The Marcus Fenix Collection

I fell in love with Gears of War, when GoW3 released. The second Gears of War, was the first Gears of War game I played, and despite it being a fan favorite of many, I didn’t like it very much. Oddly enough, when Gears of War 3 launched, and I got my hands on it, I loved it to death, and felt like overall, it was a good conclusion to the trilogy. Though I bought the game primarily for the multiplayer, but story was well worth my time playing through. Of course I went back and watched the cut-scenes of the previous game online to get the overall gist of the tale, I still now find myself wanting play 1 & 2, especially for the multiplayer. It’s already been confirmed that a remastered version of Gears of War 1 will be shown off at this years E3, however, we are still not sure whether or not if this is apart of an overall Gears of War Remastered Collection, or if the first in the series will be getting remastered alone. Either way, I will still be happy to know that more Gears of War titles are on the way. This is another reason, especially, why I am very excited for Microsoft’s Press Conference this year.


#2 – Generation 7 Pokemon Game

I’m a pretty big Pokemon nerd, this should already be assumed as I’ve recently mentioned I used to be a huge Nintendo fan-boy. I’ve purchased every version, of every main Pokemon game that has ever released here in the U.S, I have purchased multiple copies of specific versions, I love my Pokemon. Despite this, I have been pretty disappointed with the last few Pokemon games. Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire were great, however X & Y, Black & White, Black 2 & White 2, are probably at the bottom of the list when it comes to my most adored Pokemon games. While I would absolutely LOVE a remake of the Diamond/Peal/Platinum games on the Nintendo 3DS, odds are we will either be getting the highly rumored Pokemon Z, or a brand new entry of Pokemon games, aka Generation 7 games. Since most Pokemon games seem to come out on handhelds, as they really work best their, I would love a Generation 7 Pokemon announcement at E3 this year. It seems every year or so, we get a main Pokemon series announcement, and we’re almost overdue for one, E3 might be the perfect time and place.


#1 – Animal Crossing Wii U

Yep, it’s no surprise. Animal Crossing is my favorite Nintendo game and series to ever exist. As a matter of fact, Animal Crossing is my favorite video game series of all time. Animal Crossing has a very special place in my heart. The game is overall unique, fun, long lasting, and extremely relaxing to play. I’ve been apart of the online Animal Crossing Community for years, you could probably say it’s my obsession. You have those who are obsessed and addicted to World of Warcraft, I am addicted to Animal Crossing. AC is my World of Warcraft. After seeing the Animal Crossing DLC stages in Mario Kart 8, in action, my hype for an AC entry on the Wii U has since been uncontrollable. Quite a few signs seem to be pointing towards a possible Wii U entry announcement. We have the Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards coming this Fall alongside Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, and then we have the lead Director of AC, making a comment on a possible Wii U entry, when asked if one was on the way, he replied with “Well, that’s difficult for me to answer at the moment! Yup. That’s pretty much all we can say. What I will say is that you may have seen an announcement recently about an Animal Crossing product coming out on the 3DS, I can tack that on to the end of my response.”


And that just about does it! E3 kicks off in a little under a week, and I honestly cannot wait till this Sunday when the reveals begin to come out! What are you personally hoping to see revealed/announced next week? Be sure to let us know on Twitter @EXP4ALL