So you’ve waited outside in the cold during black Friday to try and score one at midnight you say? No luck? Well maybe the odds will be in your favor this weekend, as a Toys ‘R’ Us representative has recently confirmed that the retailer will be receiving another batch of consoles shipments for the Xbox One this weekend! This Sunday in fact, they will be available in store to pick up. But as you may already know, it’s not as easy as it sounds. No word has been said in regards to how many consoles each store will be getting, however it has been confirmed that Toys ‘R’ Us is limiting one console per customer, fair enough right?

It’s good to see that shipments are actively coming, but selling out quickly. Looks like the Xbox One launch has been quite healthy after all. It’s up to you weather waiting out all night for those doors to open at 11am Sunday morning is a good idea, however I can almost 100% guarantee they will be selling quick. Good luck!