Over the past few days, Treyarch has been utilizing the “Message of the Day” feature, within Black Ops 2, to begin teasing their fans regarding their upcoming Call of Duty title. A few days ago the company began teasing it’s players with a few videos, located on their official snap-chat page, where players would have to find the snap-chat icon within Black Ops 2 multiplayer, in order to get to the official page. The videos are no longer than 10 seconds, and contain snip-its of nature footage, and a strange man narrating everything, apparently his name is “Dr.Salim”¬†They released three video teasers thus far, and at the end of the third you can clearly see soldiers running, after a helicopter lands. This particular footage was in black & white, which only leads me to believe even further that they will be going back to the World War 2 style of Call of Duty.


The latest teaser released today, and featured an image of the tree above. When further analyzed, you can faintly make out some sort of logo with three sharp arrows rising at the top. Three teaser videos? Three arrows? One black tree? Black Ops 3 Confirmed?! Who knows, however it seems we won’t be waiting to long to receive an official announcement, as the Xbox community manager, Raj Patel, tweeted an image, that when also analyzed, apparently reads “Presented by Xbox, 10am PDT, 1pm EST, May 4th 2015″¬†according to users over at neogaf.B7-9utTCMAInV6d

New Call of Duty’s are generally revealed in May, a month before E3 arrives, where during that time we receive a bit more detail.