At long last, the days of scrambling around to various gaming sites to find a suitable web feed to watch your desired E3 Press Conference, are now over, at least for the next 3 years that is. Yesterday it was revealed that Twitch.TV has signed a 3 year partnership deal with E3 to become the Expos official live-streaming partner. What does this mean? Well most importantly, Twitch.TV will be your main hub to watch all of the E3 Press Conferences, Live, in real time. For E3 attendees, this also means you can expect to see Twitch feeds on monitors places around the hallways of the convention center. So if you’d much rather be spending your time at E3 on the show floor, and would like to catch the latest press announcements while doing so, well a new convenient option has just opened up!

This will also be very convenient for PS4 & Xbox One users as the Twitch app has officially launched on both consoles, you experience the entire E3 experience from the couch, so things just got 10x better!

E3 2014 will take place June 10-12th, at the LA Convention Center.