A few weeks back we reported that Twitch Broadcasting was still set to come to Xbox One, but the wait would be a bit longer. Today however, Twitch has revealed the release date of Twitch.TV Broadcasting for the Xbox One, as well as a handful of other features that it will contain. March 11th is when the Twitch.TV broadcasting experience will come to the Xbox One, this is also the same day as the TitanFall release, pretty awesome right? But that’s not even the meat of it all.

Aside the broadcasting functionality,  exclusive to the Xbox One, Xbox viewers will also receive an enhanced viewing experience, a live Twitch Chat, following options, and notifications, all of which will also be available with the app update on March 11th. Check out the official announcement reveal video below to get a glimpse at Twitch Xbox One Broadcasting in action, along with all the new features!


[youtube id=”QMq_ajNBTy8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]