Today is a glorious day for Street Fighter fans everywhere! ┬áNo, we didn’t get a new Street Fighter V trailer, nor did we get a release date either. In-fact from an outsider looking in, this announcement may seem like mere dust in the wind, however for hardcore fans of the game, this is like Christmas.

Sony confirmed earlier today via the PlayStation Blog, that the game will support both PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3 arcade sticks! The game has also confirmed to be running at 1080p 60 FPS! Along with this, we’ll be receiving a ton new features, all DLC, and most importantly, the low price of $24.99!

While the new line of Arcade Sticks are extremely nice and enticing to the competitive Fighting Game Player eye, they are, without a doubt, still quite expensive. A new one could run you anywhere from $150-$250 depending on the brand, so this is a smart move by both Sony, and Lab Zero, who will be providing the drivers; as most Street Fighter players more than likely still have their PlayStation 3 sticks from last generation, and are not quite ready to make a investment in a new one.


Ultra Street Fighter 4 launches on the PlayStation 4 on May 26th, on PSN for $24.99.