Many are still disappointed that they will not be able to play-through Nathan Drakes latest, yet final, adventure this holiday season as originally expected. A before E3, Naught Dog announced that the game would be pushed into Spring of 2016, probably one of the biggest delays thus far. The Uncharted movie, as well, was delayed – pushed into June of 2017.

But according to a recent listing on Amazon Germany, the game has been slated for March 9th, with a price of €69.99. While this is mostly just a rumor at this point, I can definitely see March being a reasonable release for the game. Spring of 2016 is looking to be a huge season for PlayStation owners. With Ratchet & Clank, Street Fighter V, and Uncharted all confirmed to be arriving during that period; PlayStation 4 owners will without a doubt, be very busy.

Despite this, the Nathan Drake Collection is still set to arrive on PS4 later this October, along with an Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta, so we still have that to look forward to.