If you’re an avid downloaded of video files on your various amounts of mobile devices, odds are that you’ve heard of the infamous VLC Media Player. A media player in which sets itself apart from many other players by being able to play a large array of different types of video files, and also being on of the least CPU hungry media player software’s.

Recently however, the lead developer of VideoLan, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, announced that he is currently considering the possibility of bringing the media player to other platforms such as console systems like the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4. It is pretty important to note that this is under consideration at the moment, so it could be a good while before we ever see VLC make it’s way onto console platforms.

While this isn’t anything to crazy for PlayStation owners, as they have other media playback software’s already installed onto the system, this would be huge for the Nintendo Switch as the system is currently absent of anything of the sort, outside of YouTube and Hulu.