Well they just keep piling up, don’t they? Nintendo just can’t seem to catch a break as another developer claims they are done supporting the Wii U system, at least for rated M games. In a recent Game Informer interview, Yves Guillemot revealed that Wii U software sales only make up three percent of the company’s total for the last fiscal year, where as the PS4 and Xbox One made up nine and six percent, respectively. He also stated “What we see is that Nintendo customers don’t buy Assassin’s Creed.” and “Watch Dogs is coming to the Wii U, it will be the only mature game we publish on it.”


What is my take on this? I feel it may be better of for developers to stray away from creating these sort of games on a console that is, in all reality, more aimed towards the casual gamer. However, in this day in age, unlike a few years ago, gamer’s are more actively owning a large variety of next generation consoles, rather than one. With that said, these gamer’s are surely to purchase the title or title(s), on the hardware that they see most fit to have the most enjoyable experience for that game. Whether that be a great online experience, the best graphics, most convenient controls, etc, and it’s no surprise that Nintendo has taken a “unique” route, when it comes to all of those attributes. What does this mean for Nintendo? Well, I’m sure they will continue dishing out titles that appeal to their audience, since that has been working since forever for them, but gamer’s looking to have that mature 3rd party experience, are going to have to look elsewhere if they were hoping for it on the Wii U.


Watch Dogs is currently rumored for a fall release on Wii U, no official date has been revealed as of yet.