White PlayStation 4 Pro Will Launch Packaged with Destiny 2


For those of you who remember the launch of both Destiny 1 as well as Destiny: The Taken King expansion on the PlayStation 4, you probably remember that Sony provided some pretty sleek console bundles with the games, with both PS4 consoles sporting a sleek “white” color design.

While this was of course for the original PlayStation 4, Sony seems to be determined to keep the tradition going as they have finally revealed a White PlayStation 4 Pro console, which will launch this September via a Destiny 2 bundle. The Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro was officially unveiled via the American and European PlayStation Blogs, and will sport a 1TB HDD as well as a white Dual Shock 4 controller, of course. The bundle also comes alongside the full Destiny 2 game, along with a code to download the Expansion Pass.

While this bundle might not exactly be a huge deal to most, especially considering the fact that Destiny 2 will pretty much run the same across all PlayStation 4 consoles aside from the added “4K” bonus on the PlayStation 4 Pro; it’s definitely a sweet deal for anyone looking to jump into the PlayStation 4 market, with Destiny 2 on their mind.


The Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro Destiny 2 bundle launches on September 6th for $449.USD/$549.99 CAN.