Tomorrow, November 15th will officially mark the Halo franchises 15th Anniversary. It’s been a pretty amazing 15 years of Halo, even though I personally jumped onto the Halo hype-train a little late (Halo 3). As most of you may already know, Bungie departed from Microsoft after the conclusion of Halo Reach, and the current studio, 343 Industries, has since taken up the mantle for Halo and has been the hands who have developed the last few Halo titles.

With that said, many are wondering what the company may have in store for the official 15th Anniversary for the Halo franchise. Recently, the company announced that they would be holding a special live-stream during the Anniversary, tomorrow at 3:43pm PST (I see what you did there). 343 has already revealed several things that will be taking place during the livestream, such as the following:

Battle on some of your favorite Halo: Combat Evolved maps re-imagined in Halo 5 thanks to Forge and a number of super talented community builders! I’ve seen Uny working on these maps and they look fantastic. I also know there’s excitement building externally and I want to manage your expectations by clarifying that this is Halo 5 gameplay on sweet Forge re-creations of classic maps with the Halo: CE pistol as the starting weapon.

What kind of birthday party would it be without goodie bags for attendees!? I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I think you’ll dig it.

Throughout the day members of the 343 team will be online playing in Halo 5’s Anniversary Throwback playlist with anyone and everyone who cares to join us. Next week I’ll publish the gamertags you’ll want to watch out for (and you’ll recognize us by the official 343 emblems we’re rockin’.) We’d also love for you to join our official “Halo Club” on Xbox Live! – 343 Studios 

It’s nice to see that there will be something for pretty much all Halo fans to participate in, during this live-stream event. However, I’m sure many like me, are also wondering if there will be some sort of surprise we’ll receive during the live-stream. Rumors have already been brewing around the web regarding a possible Halo 3 Anniversary Collection being announced; and though 343 denied that as being a possibility; I feel at least a tease for Halo 6 would be much more likely.

I suppose we’ll all have to find out tomorrow during the live-stream. You wont’ want to miss the action, and you can catch it all by visiting the official Halo Twitch channel.