Aside from Final Fantasy VII Remake; World of Final Fantasy was without a doubt, my favorite Square Enix announcement from E3 2015. While taking on the commonly “cheesy” chibi art-style, the ultimately looks extremely gorgeous and vibrant! I was quite disappointed to hear however, that the title would be a 2016 launch title, but fortunately today, we’ve received some official details regarding when we’ll be able to get our hands on the game.

World of Final Fantasy will be released on both PlayStation 4, and PS Vita on October 25th in North America and October 28th in Europe.

Lead the twins Lann and Reynn on their journey to rediscover their lost memories and save the world of Grimoire from peril as they band together with familiar faces from the Final Fantasy franchise in an epic and adorable adventure for a new generation of players!


Several big name Final Fantasy characters are also set to appear in the games main story, such as; Lighting, Cloud, Squall, Yuna, and more. (Here’s to hoping Noctis makes it in!)


Despite this title launching around the same time as Final Fantasy XV, you can definitely bet your bottom dollar I’ll be playing both. I think it’s safe to say that Final Fantasy hype is in full effect this year.