One of the more small-end announcement Microsoft made during their Press Conference at E3 2016 this week, was of their new controller customization service entitled “Xbox Design Labs”. The service focuses solely on the customization of Xbox One controller, ultimately allowing users to purchase their own controller and personalize with 8 millions possible color combinations at their fingertips!

The service works pretty similar to “Scuff Controllers” service, if you’ve ever used theirs. You head on over to the Design Lab website, and are able to right away, start personalizing your own controller. It’s extremely easy and simple!

Users will have a few different ways to personalize their controller. If you’re looking to go the more standard route, and simply customize the color of the controller on both sides, as well as each and every button; it will run you $79.99. Another options users have, however, is the ability to add laser etching for that extra personal touch! Similar to what Apple does with their Iphone and IPod Touch Devices. Adding the laser etching will bring the price up to $99.99.

Unfortunately, Xbox Design Lab currently does not offer Xbox One Elite Controller customization; as the only controller offered for customization at this point is the New Xbox One controller with wireless Bluetooth, and the built in microphone/audio jack. Hopefully Microsoft will add the ability to personalize and order your own Xbox One Elite controller in the future.

Xbox Design Lab will be shipping all controller this September! You can head on over to the website now and begin customizing yours and pre-order!