If you are in the market for a new gaming console, perhaps a new Xbox One console will tickle your fancy? Microsoft has recently announced price drops for a few of their Xbox One models. You can now purchase the Xbox One 500GB model for $299 and the 1TB model for $319, ultimately available to purchase for $50 cheaper than before.

The official announcement was made over on the official Xbox website, with the deal already in effect at retailers such as Amazon and the Microsoft Store. If you’re looking to “Jump In” big, you can purchase the 1TB Xbox One model, and will receive an extra controller, and 5 games all for the price of $319.

No official word has been announced as of yet regarding if this price-drop will be permanent or not; however, recent rumors regarding the Xbox One receiving two new versions are looking much more likely, now that the current models have received a price-drop.


Hopefully we will receive some sort of announcement regarding the new Xbox One models during E3 2016, if the rumors are in fact legitimate. Rumors of a slim Xbox One model have been circling around as of recent, claiming a 2016 release. In addition to this, a more powerful model of the Xbox One, with upgraded hardware has also been rumored for a 2017 release.