You love free stuff, I love free stuff, hell, we all love free stuff! That’s why Microsoft does the whole Free Games with Gold thing! Well, sort of. I’m sure they just want Xbox Live Subs more than anything, but hey, at least I get a handful of free games out of it.

All rants aside, if you’ve been hungering to play a new title lately, you’ll be happy to know that this months Free Games with Gold for both Xbox One & Xbox 360, have now gone live! Well, a few of them at least. Don’t you just love the 1st of every month?

Xbox One members are currently eligible to download Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate and Xbox 360 members are currently eligible to download Spelunky. Since Spelunky is of course backwards compatible, Xbox One members can also get their hands on it as well, if they so desire.

A few weeks down the line, on August 16th, two more titles will become available for Xbox Live Gold Members. WWE 2K16 for Xbox One, as well as Beyond Good & Evil HD for Xbox 360 and Xbox One will also be available to download for free. The reason why WWE 2K 16 and Beyond Good & Evil HD will not be available till the 16th, is due to one of July’s free titles, Tumblestone, being available until the 16th of this month.


I’d suggest hopping on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 right now and picking up some free titles! All of this months free titles will be available until the 31st. You can visit to download them all for free, right now!