Much like the recently announced Super Mario Maker for the 3DS, Nintendo has also recently announced yet another 2015 Wii U release title – will soon be making it’s way to the 3DS as well. The highly loved Yoshi’s Woolly World, is that title!

Yoshi’s Wooly World for the Nintendo 3DS is set to include all we know and love from the Wii U version, shoved into a more compact and on-the-go version. The 3DS version also comes with a few new features, however. Including a dedicated mode where you can play as Poochy, that play as a sort of bonus stage. Poochy pups will also appear within the games main story as well, and will help assist you during levels, this is also something that was not present in the Wii U version.

Alongside this 3DS port, a Poochy Yarn Amiibo is also on the way, along with Yoshi & Poochy animated shorts! Ohemgee so cute! Right?!



Yoshi’s Woolly World for the Nintendo 3DS will be arriving on February 3rd, 2017.