For those who tuned into Sony’s Press Conference at the Tokyo Game Show last night, it probably came as a surprise to many Final Fantasy fans that Final Fantasy IX would finally be headed to the PlayStation 4. The game recently received a PC port last year, and PlayStation owners have been patiently awaiting for an updated port for their console.

Luckily, fans of the title won’t have to wait at all to get their hands on Final Fantasy IX on the PlayStation 4, as the game is available to purchase right now! Upon purchase, buyers will also receive Final Fantasy IX themed wallpapers, as well as avatars; so definitely be sure to take advantage of those!


Final Fantasy IX originally launched back in 2000, and while it is definitely one of the more underrated, and less talked about Final Fantasy titles – it definitely isn’t a bad game by any means! Final Fantasy IX was able to stand-out from many of the previous Final Fantasy games, while including references to many of the older titles, within the game.

If you’re looking for a unique Final Fantasy experience and have yet to play through IX, I would highly suggest this title as one of your best bets!