Elder Scrolls: Legends finally saw it’s official launch on PC a few week ago, and finally, it’s available for a certain group of mobile users as well.

As of today, Elder Scrolls: Legends is available to download via the app store on any iPad 4 or newer iPad, as long as you are running iOs 10 or higher.  CCG’s are some of the most enjoyable games to be able to play on mobile, especially considering the convenience of it all.

Legends has seen it’s ups and downs since it became available to play mid last year, and while it’s not everyone’s cup of tea; it’s definitely a very solid game with a lot to offer and more on the way. In a world that is full of CCG’s nowadays, it’s getting much more trickier for developers to just throw out a CCG and expect it to do well. CCG’s that are based around an already existing franchise universe definitely have a lot higher chance of succeeding, as you already pretty much have a solid fan-base to build off of and to market the title too; Elder Scrolls: Legends, HearthStone, and The Witcher Card Game are honestly the best examples.

On April 5th, Elder Scrolls: Legends will see it’s The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood campaign expansion released, which will feature new story missions and over 40 new cards, three of which will be new legendary cards. The game will also be receiving in-game tournament support soon, along with a spectator feature.

Elder Scrolls: Legends definitely has the potential to become something great if the developers strive hard, however, with Dire Wolf Digital already working on a few other CCG’s on the side, it’s hard to see where Legends will end up within say, a year or so.


Elder Scrolls: Legends will launch on Android Tablets next month, with a Mac OS release following in May, along with an IOS and Android phones release this summer.