Square Enix has recently released a brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Kingdom Hearts 3 at the Jump Festa that took place in Japan a few days ago.

The trailer is split in half basically, offering brand new footage for each game respectively, and I gotta say, both games are shaping up VERY nicely!

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is basically a full PS4 remaster of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Bringing the game to the PlayStation 4 in full 1080p 60FPS, along with brand new chapter, fans of the franchise are definitely not going to want to miss out on this remake.

Kingdom Hearts III on the other hand, we still do not know that much about. The trailer showcases a new combat system, which is a bit different from the footage we set eyes on from the footage Square Enix showed off at D23. The combat system, looks a lot more like Final Fantasy XV’s combat system in my eyes, this was something that immediately clicked with me.

Square Enix is still advertising the game as “Now in Development” at the end of the trailer, so we still may be another year and change or so, off from receiving Kingdom Hearts 3. Besides, with 2.8 coming in 2016, Final Fantasy XV, and various other Square Enix titles, it’s probably best Kingdom Hearts III will find it’s place in 2017 or so.