The Shenmue series is without a doubt one of the most loved classic video game series ever. I would say alongside the Sonic Adventure series on the DreamCast, and Jet Set Radio. Shenmue is loved just as much. For years, fans have been hoping and praying for an announcement regarding a 3rd entry into the series, and we may just be getting more or less at this years E3.

Recently on Twitter, the creator of the series, Yu Suzuki, tweeted out a photo of a forklift, the tweet read, “E3. Yep, it’s a forklift.” Which is apparently is a pretty big reference to a activity within the games series. Many are guessing the possibility of a Shenmue related announcement during this years E3. I personally, am guessing, if anything at all, we’ll be receiving HD remasters for both of the titles, seems a bit more likely than a 3rd entry into the series, but an HD remaster is really just as good.

As of now, there is really no direction as to where this announcement would even take place if such games were in development. Sega has already confirmed to not have a booth this year, however the possibility of another company picking up the project is there, it just seems a bit unlikely at this point.

Several big announcements are guaranteed to be made later today, especially with both Microsofts, and Sony’s Press Conference taking place, perhaps we will hear something regarding Shenmue during one of them?