So the new Assassin’s Creed has been revealed and it seems they dropped the victory title for the new Syndicate. I don’t have a clue where the story is going any more. Now we are not only assassins but apparently we control entire gangs and have to take over all the other… one gang member to rule them all! Seriously, it’s like playing GTA San Andreas except you fight like Batman now. For real, you literally have your own bat style grappling hook. I was worried about this game around the time AC 3 came out but then Black Flag gave me hope again. Since I have to wait for all my games in the mail I didn’t run into many of the bugs in Unity so I was only let down a little. This though? I don’t know, we are literally just mashing up Batman with GTA. Depending on how much we can customize gangs could really decide how interesting this game is but then we just add Saints Row. Do the assassins and Templars just control gangs or is this just part of some other plot? I don’t know, the driving looks kind of shoddy as well. Why would you want to drive the coach when you can just take the horse? Trying to add a driving mechanic to Assassins Creed now seems like a bad move. It did not seem to function very well either in the gameplay demo, the coach seemed to bounce around a lot as it went faster and seemed to bounce off everything. To be fair it did say it is in Alpha but if they plan to release in October they have a ways to go still. Something about the combat, besides it is now Batman-esque, really bugged me at first. I noticed that every time an enemy was stabbed he shot off white pixels.

I don’t know, the more I think about the gang thing the more I think ‘This will be awesome if it is anything like Gangs of New York’. With the main character switching from hat mode to cowl mode, a similar way to how Superman hides his identity but with glasses, he could really be an interesting assassin. If you go to the AC site there is an option to ‘Join the family’. It says it provides games and other ways to earn points which you can redeem towards items. The site is pretty much non-existent at this point with the only prize being a drawing for a PS4 and the only game not working. I assume there will be in game items but the ad indicates you might be able to exchange points for actual gear which is what I’m looking for. There is also 3 different versions available for purchase already. The regular, the large which has a map, steel case, and in game gear and book related missions. Then there is the big box which comes with everything else and a statue of the main character. In the end though it is another AC, it is in a time with more guns than previous but we’ll see how that effects things. At this point I get the new games because I want to see how it concludes. If what the developers have said is true it might not be too much longer and since this game takes place in the mid 1800’s I’d say we are close to the modern time of the game. Another AC and so far it is a lot of the same, maybe not the same as previous AC games but the same as other popular games anyways. The trailer is below so decide for yourself, there is still plenty of time for them to blow us away but I won’t hold my breath.