In what is probably the strongest E3 opening I’ve seen in years Bethesda really knocked it out of the park last night. They started with the new DOOM which really does feel a lot like the original Doom, a game that had so much hype anyone who had anything to do with it received a free pass for life. Even if it plays like the first Doom it looks like a modern game. The graphics look great actually, you can really get a feel for the insides of an alien… demon? I’m not really sure; I thought I heard the announcer mention demons on Mars and I never moved passed that. All the favorite weapons are back including the chainsaw and the super shotgun but no beatbox gun yet, dubstep your enemies to death. There are also some fun instant kills for injured enemies. I particularly enjoyed it when he ripped out some fat green demons heart and shoved it down his throat. It reminds me of a far superior Duke Nukem if you used the voice of Mr. Torgue, THAT WAS BRUTAL! They also mentioned the ability to create your own custom multiplayer map called snap map. While it looked relatively simple for anyone to use it still looked innovative and widely changeable for players to be creative. No official release yet with spring of 2016 being the current goal.

A couple of small things were mentioned next. Something about a, not really sure what it supposed to be, it sounded as if they just planned to remake their website bigger and better. There was also a brief announcement from Battlecry Studios for what is assumed to be a free to play called… Battlecry… What kind of narcissist names a game after himself? It would be like if I made a game called Willreaper, something I won’t be trying again. Open call for Beta just started last night so if you want to get a free in game item go for it. Open beta people in Elder Scrolls online received a pet monkey. Otherwise it is currently slotted for release at the end of 2015.

Next is Dishonored 2, a game that was accidently leaked early because someone left the mic on during rehearsal the day before. I would also like to point out the smaller announcer on the right sounded like he was going to pass out at any second. I don’t know if it was just me but I thought he was going down at any time. Otherwise Corvo is back but you also have the option to play as Emily, the little princess you saved in the first game who has apparently also become a super assassin. Emily has her own set of powers as well like a magic grappling hook (first Assassins Creed steals the grappling hook and now this) but has the oldies as well when she demonstrated her time stopping power. It is not clear yet what powers Corvo has now. We also appear to have a new more futuristic city with advanced fighting robots and an almost steam punk theme. The plague is back again though so the setting should be rather familiar. Most of all we still have the option to be pope Jesus or to slash anything with a pulse. No date for the game at all yet but they did announce the release of the Dishonored: definitive edition, a remastered version for the next gen that will be out in the fall.

Elder Scrolls Online also made a brief appearance; they still haven’t announced anything on Daedra quest or the thieves or assassin guilds but we’re still hopeful. They did mention a couple of new maps though, including the ruined city of Fallen Tamriel and Orsinium, the realm of orcs after they were driven from Hammerfell. I believe this is the first time in any Elder Scrolls game the small war torn land of the orcs has been a real thing. It does mean though that all the homelands of the playable races are now open. They also mentioned Elder Scrolls Legends, a free to play card game for PC and IOS. Something to look at if you’re into that sort of thing.

Fallout 4 was the main event and for good reason. It is very obvious why the game took so long to get here; there is a lot of stuff in this game. It could easily be one of the most advanced and easily the most dynamic games ever. If it had Oculus rift support it would only be a couple steps away from Sword Art Online. Being a sudden trend Fallout will also let you choose between a male and female character with an entirely customizable character creator. The story looks very interesting with you being the only survivor of vault 111 and waking up again 200 years after watching the bombs drop. The game is very dynamic though with what must be hundreds of hours of dialogue and even hundreds of prerecorded names added in to make the game feel even more interactive. The environment and light are also dynamic allowing for that much more interaction. Even the Pip-boy is more interactive this time. They also announced a pip-boy app for smart phones but I was unclear if this could connect to the player’s game and act as the in game pip-boy, I doubt it but it’s fun to dream.

A lot of little things that look great were also dropped such as the more interactive dog. The loyal canine companion being a staple in the Fallout world it is nice to have a more realistic dog that takes commands. They also mentioned layered armor which should be interesting depending on if it makes the game that much harder or you that much more of a badass. There was also a point where the player used a flare to call an enclave pickup to fly them away, a good sign we will have flight and air support this time. Also, ROCKET PACKS! I don’t know if you need the power armor and I don’t care, we have rocket packs now and that’s awesome. A couple of mod things are the ability to take parts from anything you find and use them to completely mod any weapon. They mentioned 50 base weapons and 700 mods that all change the appearance of the weapon. The other big mod thing is the ability to collect scrap and build your own homestead. Much like the Hearthfire DLC from Skyrim but on a much bigger scale. You can fully customize every aspect of your house and add much of what you collect to it, that personal touch. I personally will be creating a giant death fortress with electric and fire traps and a turret defense wall.

Last night they did also release an IOS game called Fallout Shelter, a free game with no micro payments where you create and manage your own vault. A cool idea, free and doesn’t need an online connection. I don’t think they will allow us to run our own twisted experiments though. The biggest news though is that Fallout 4 will be released November 10 of this year, oh happy day indeed. So Bethesda really started off things with a bang in what was their first E3 conference and Microsoft today offers many things as well.