As a fairly new Destiny player, and more importantly, a new lover of the game, when I heard this new drop earlier today even I was excited, despite still having crappy gear, and only recently reaching the end-game.

Bungie announced today that the highly anticipated, second expansion for Destiny, House Of Wolves, will be arriving on May 19th! The expansion will feature a handful of new content, including a new raids, new story mode missions, PVP maps, and more. There will also be a bit of content that will remain exclusive to PlayStation user until later this fall.

On-top of this, Bungie also announced that a new patch will be hitting the software title sometime tomorrow, which will add a few adjustments to weapons, and certain game modes, it is also expected to prep the game for House of Wolves, so expect to see the option to pre-purchase the expansion when you hover over the reef, or something of the sort.

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