If you are a lover of RPG’s, odds are, you are a huge fan of Dragon Quest as well.

Last year Square Enix at long last announced Dragon Quest XI was coming and in the works! The title, currently planned to release on both PS4 and 3DS has had almost zero talk regarding a release window, up until tonight in Japan that is.

During the 30th Anniversary of Dragon Quest Livestream, the creator of the series Yuri Horii shared some of his thoughts in regards of a release window for the title. He expressed his desire to release Dragon Quest XI within the “30th Anniversary” window, which is between May 27th, 2016 and May 27, 2017, as the original Dragon Quest title released in Japan on May 27th, 1986.

While Yuri Horii also announced that the story is almost complete, May 2017 is a LONG way’s off, so we’ve still got quite a wait ahead of us. Luckily, 2016 will see many great RPG releases, so it’s not like we will be held dry for an entire year.


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