I remember the good old days, a time when a gallon of gas didn’t cost more than a cheap meal at McDonalds. A time when there was only 150, or 151 if you want to be a nerd about it, pokemon. A time when I could actually remember them all and didn’t have to think ‘Why does that snow cone have a face?’ Feeling nostalgic I wanted to play my old Gold version, my version with the complete pokedex and legit lvl 100 team. What did I find though? The battery had died and it will never hold a save again. Oh how I cried briefly and then drank myself under the table, a challenge at best. But low and behold one of my favorite original pokemonĀ is making a comeback. June 22nd to July 12th it seems you can download a free Dragonite from any participating Gamestop… which should be all of them. So if you have Omega or Alpha go get a free Dragonite or if you wait a couple days I’m sure wonder trade will be bursting with Dratini.