Dreams is a new game from the makers of Little Big Planet that really blurs the lines of art and gaming, a transition many people have been pushing for years now. It also has a simple title that will really confuse Google search. A sandbox multiplayer where you create anything and everything, the game possesses no fixed assets and has you the player create your own world. Instead of having a stock of items and choices you paint using the playstation move function on the controller. The idea it seems is to create your own dream world and share it with everyone else while other people try out your dream.

A very innovative idea I fear will die early because it focuses on such a small group. Unlike Little Big Planet where anyone can make something simple from the items they have this game seems to require actual artistic skill. Since I don’t know how it works I can’t say how easy it would be for a casual gamer to pick up, but it seems like it would be very difficult. During the trailer it seemed as though they were just painting and controlling things by using the controller. It feels like some people with artistic abilities could come up with insane stuff but not that many people can. Just like Minecraft, there are those that can recreate entire scenes from Lord of the Rings and the majority who can barely make a hole in the ground.

The other issue is how much freedom will people have when designing stuff? Yes it will allow you to make whatever you want but what happens when you create copyrighted dreams? Little Big Planet had the issue where they were deleting dozens of Mario level remakes every day. Is this completely unaffected by that or has Nintendo lightened up since announcing their own Mario maker cash cow.