So the first DLC, that’s right DLC not update, will be coming out on 9/15 and 9/16 for Xbox One and PS4 respectively. Or 8/31 if you are on PC so let me applaud you for getting it a couple of weeks earlier ‘clap”clap”clap’. So it comes with some new gameplay, new pets and other in-game items,¬†expanded ranks, new multiplayer dungeons and a new way to spend your actual money on gear. A page right out of EA’s how to hype up the fact that we’re charging you for useless crap. By the time we finally get the Dark Brotherhood DLC my PS4 will be unable to hold any data because Elder Scrolls will conquer it all. If you actually pay for ESO then you finally get a payoff because this is a free DLC. For everyone else it will be… 2,500 crowns? I refuse to pay a second time for a game I already purchased and I don’t know what the currency trade rate is. I assume that means it will be 25 dollars, which seems like a lot for this. Why you wouldn’t just get the subscription is beyond me but as I stated I don’t know and don’t care how much that is either.