I’m sure many of you are just as excited for Fallout 4 as I am and trying to fill the void with Fallout Shelter, which is interesting but a simple imitation. I would suggest Mad Max to fill the void until then but to each his own. There is an update on news for Fallout 4 and no it is not a change in the release date thank god. No instead Bethesda has already released news on a Season Pass. It seems a little early considering the game isn’t even done yet and they haven’t even started the DLC. It will be 30 dollars and cover any DLC content… or so they say. All I know is that if it has even half the content of Fallout 3 30 dollars is well worth it. If it comes with anything like Mothership Zeta or Point Lookout then I will be far more than happy. Even the DLC for Skyrim was good, kind of plain in some instances but worth it. News says it will include all updates as well but that is kind of a given, apparently it will include new features but it is not clear what that means yet. So that will come later next year. They also announced that a mod pack will be available after launch as well and not just on PC for once. It is also coming to Xbox One and eventually PS4, how much modding can actually be done is still a mystery as well though. As much as I hate to be that guy… SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!