Fallout 4: Nuka-World, possibly the last DLC for Fallout 4, provides players with the opportunity to be the one thing they couldn’t be, a massive evil prick. It isn’t the same as the karma system in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas but it does let the player choose with less ambiguity than before. Instead of following the same general path regardless of choice in the main game players can choose to be an evil tyrant or savior. Nuka-World also adds a new map, just like Far Harbor, with creative new amusement park locations, a few new enemies and new weapons. Unlike Far Harbor however Nuka-World also extends into the main game, allowing players to spread their evil empire across the waste. While it can be short for experienced players some collectables for the DLC’s more interesting missions are worth the tedious searching. Without spoiling anything, an old face from Fallout 3 even makes an appearance.


The plot is the usual, the lone wanderer hears a message about a new location getting its shit torn up and goes in search of it to tear shit up. This time around the location is the old world theme park Nuka-World, designed after everyone’s favorite soft drink. Quickly things go from bad to worse, death traps, so on and so on until boom, players suddenly find themselves in charge of three large raider gangs… and everyone is just cool with it… for reasons. From there you can either kill all the raiders, the short version, or conquer the entire park. The order doesn’t really matter since every location has its own Nuka powered baddies of varying types to clean out. There is one new companion, another old guy with years of experience to help players along. Eventually things go south again, someone has to be eliminated and the player earns the respect of the gangs. There are some places outside the park but they don’t offer much beyond some more religious zealots trying to reach the stars.


While Nuka-World can be short it does have a lot of variety that Fallout 4 lost as a whole. The colorfully painted ghouls of Kiddie Kingdom, the gatorclaws of the jungle zoo and the soda colored robots of the future… so that last one isn’t so interesting. Unfortunately many enemies are basically the same with a Nuka theme paint job, although it is amazing how much caffeine and radiation can boost evolution. There are 5 unique zones to conquer and each one comes with its own special enemies, they’re just not very big. There are a number of new Nuka powered weapons as well, like the Nuka-Nuke and the devastating Nuka squirt gun. Players can also find two new suits of Nuka colored armor. A number of new Nuka flavors has also been added along with the ability to mix entirely new flavors. There are plenty of missions but most are either part of the main quest or just busy work. I would suggest doing the Cappy search because that mission has the most payoff.


The last and most interesting feature is how the player can expand Nuka-World into the main map by using raiders to take over settlements. However, this causes a conundrum for players who have beaten most of the game and already control those settlements. Do you force people off the land you gave them or not? Raider settlers are needier than normal because they don’t do their own work and need you to take over other settlements for them to bully, they do pay out a lot more. Of course most partners won’t like senseless slaughter, one will hate you even if he’s with you or not.

The Nuka-World DLC is well worth playing and offers a lot of things Fallout 4 lacked that fans yelled for the loudest. There are plenty of new and interesting attractions to see and things to kill but anything unique is typically small and everything else has been done before. It is roughly the same size as Far Harbor but it feels a lot emptier. Personally I was hoping for a new vault and no I don’t count the exhibit in future world. Unfortunately it seems this is also the last DLC for Fallout 4, although some rumors suggest Nuka World is just the last announced DLC. So is more on the way? I hope so. If not I guess I can only start hoping for Fallout 5 and remember, war, war never changes.