Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! I am totally freaking out here! It has finally happened! It has been years since the last Fallout and even longer since Fallout 3. The trailer went live earlier today and while there is not much, if any information, at this time I am still losing my mind! So it is a guarantee that Fallout 4 will be announced at E3 this year but what will they tell us? Who knows, hopefully a release date at the least. I hope it is sometime this year but considering how long this game has been in development and this is the first real news on it I’m not gonna get my hopes up. Much of the game takes place in more urban settings which is a difference from Fallout 3 which is in the same general area. It seems we will be in a very different wasteland.

While the trailer does not tell us much we do get a few clues. The new character is from vault 111 which seems to be different from a normal vault, perhaps this is one of the few vaults not used as a cruel and unusual science experience? With multiple cog shaped doors it seems a lot more secure and who the hell just finds power armor lying around like that? It seems that the rumors of this Fallout taking place in Boston have proved correct. Society is finally on the mend it seems and air travel has become a thing. Will we get our own super high tech blimp? I hope. Since it is well known from previous games that Boston is well known as the most technological advanced area of the Fallout world this should be very interesting. The most important thing though is that the Vault dweller can talk now! That’s right, in the last seconds you can clearly hear him speak, something very new to Fallout. Will the main character talk all the time or is this a limited thing? Fallout tends to have a lot of dialogue which would take forever with a male and female main character.

While the games has received one hell of a graphic overhaul you can definitely still see some of the old favorites, like my mortal enemy the Deathclaw. It still looks a little rough around the edges but I’m willing to overlook some of that if it means getting a new Fallout sooner. The new towns also look very exciting and more advanced than in previous installments , but is this due to time or the area? Or the rocket powered pirate ship? Oh my god! We even get a dog but that’s kind of a given. There is still a long road ahead but it seems we are almost there. I haven’t been this excited about Fallout since the Lonesome Road and that was a let down.¬†Just a little longer and we can traverse the waste again, this time as the¬†dweller of Vault 111 and remember ‘War… War never changes.’