So Fallout Shelter was released along with the Fallout 4 announcement in the middle of June at E3. However, it was only released on iOS at that time. So what happened to all of us on Android who are unworthy of receiving the saving grace of Apple? Well there is finally an answer to that question…hopefully. Fallout Shelter will be released on everything besides iOS in August… hopefully. It feels weird waiting so hard for a game that is essentially a mini version of the game I’ve been freaking over for some time now. I don’t usually use my phone for gaming either; ever fearful of the free-to-play trap that has already destroyed so many others. There is little to no pressure or need to buy anything in this game though which is a nice change. EA could take a few pointers from Bethesda but I’m afraid EA might pull a Borg and forcibly take Bethesda with them.

While I have only played a bit on a friends phone the game seems to have a lot of draw and appeal for all gamers. You don’t have to be a fan of the series to understand what is happening and it has fairly adjustable gameplay. I have heard people complain that the game lacks direction which I find rather confusing. It plays like Roller Coaster Tycoon or Sim City and unless the fundamentals of those games have changed considerably since I last played them I would think lacking direction is the point. If there is any point it is to keep expanding until your kingdom stretches as far as the light touches… then get bored and wreck shit up. Like when I played Roller Coaster Tycoon, there was no end game. I was just supposed to build my park until god himself called it ludicrous and then see how many mascots I could fit into it. Fulfilling my dream of creating the world’s largest furry orgy. In this case though you want to build a vault that can self-sustain itself forever and have enough automatic gun turrets to fend off enemy attack… my same goal when playing Sim City coincidently…

What I like about the game is how you can set the stats for all the people in your vault, basically personalizing the entire vault. This way you can specially shape certain characters to do certain things the vault needs. You can even train them more and customize their items, effectively challenging me to recreate my own Brotherhood of Steel. There is also a wide variety of rooms to choose from to supply resources like water, food and power. You can even put them together to have a baby which still sounds weird to me, like EV training in Pokemon; I just can’t help but feel like my Ditto is a dirty tramp anymore. I especially like how you don’t have to pay actual money to accelerate things. You can speed things up but at the risk of having a complete breakdown. I can only hope this will hold me until Fallout 4 comes out which feels like a long wait indeed. Although I also hope it doesn’t use my phone data but I keep forgetting to check on that.

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