Fallout still has some life left in her apparently. For starters, Fallout 4s mod feature has been added to the Xbox One with the PS4 following in the next month hopefully. Ironically, it has also inspired a rash of theft with PC modders finding their work stolen and used on Xbox One without approval. So far Bethesda has assisted in removing the stolen mods but fans complain they aren’t doing much more. Some speculate the mod feature will be delayed on the PS4 now until a more permanent solution can be found. Bethesda has provided some instructions on how modders can protect their work but it seems to be too little too late.

Fallout Shelter, the smartphone game tie-in to Fallout 4, will also be getting an update. Players will have more freedom in how to control and make characters act along with customized appearance. Not only that but it appears the player will no longer be trapped within the confines of the vault and will have more freedom in movement. There are plenty of previous additions as well including pets and new enemy types. Without spoiling it, for a limited time players can also get a key character from the recent Far Harbor DLC. Probably the biggest news as far as Fallout Shelter is concerned is that it will soon be available on PC as well as smartphone; players will finally have a larger screen to see their entire creation. No news though if the versions can be linked so players can stick to one vault or if they will have to start all over with a separate vault.


The biggest Fallout news has to be the announcement of three more DLC that will be coming soon. So fans, like me, who bought the season pass early at only 30$ are really getting their monies worth. First and coming out in the next week is Contraptions Workshop. Much like the Wasteland Workshop DLC it will add a wide variety of electronic devices so players can add a whole other level of awesome to their creations. With everything from elevators to Rube Goldberg devices it looks fun for those with the resources… I just hope it comes with a tutorial this time. Second in July and the answer to my dreams is the Vault-Tec Workshop. Ever get tired of blasting through vaults and figuring out what cruel and unusual test it was running? I don’t but now with the Vault-Tec Workshop you can just create your own vault and start your own cruel and unusual experiment. There isn’t much information on how it works yet but I’m still excited; I just hope it doesn’t take too many resources… and has a tutorial.


Last and by far the most intriguing is what may very well be the final DLC named Nuka World. Didn’t get enough from the Far Harbor DLC map? Well it looks like Bethesda is coming out with another new map and probably the most compelling since the DLC Mothership Zeta in Fallout 3. All I can say from the brief glimpse given is that there is a giant bustling theme park named after everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic soft drink and I’m sure shit will go downhill from there.

Also, Fallout 4 will be coming out on VR in 2017 for anyone interested.