While I wait for the new games to start rolling out later this month I keep myself entertained by checking out what’s new on Kickstarter. Two new projects recently caught my eye, one for being laughably terrible though and one that actually interested me. I don’t know what the first one was called but as I laughed at how pathetic an attempt to cash in it was I decided in my mind to call it ‘strip club tycoon’. The entirety of the project was a picture of a stripper on a pile of cash and a paragraph on how they can design a game where you control your own strip club. Not only do I doubt the legitimacy of that project ever getting started but it would essentially just be a poorly designed porno; something the internet has no shortage of already.

I hope you found that as funny as I did but let’s move on to a real project, Delta Legend: Magic of the Blues. Many of you may know that I have a weak spot for rhythm games and this one feels unique to me. Not because of the combination of RPG and rhythm game, that has been done multiple times like the Final Fantasy game or the one Jack Black did when I thought he couldn’t be any more played out. Most rhythm games use some form of electronic or rock music though, the blues is a mostly unexplored terrain that could have very promising results. To be fair when I watched the project trailer my first thought was ‘this sounds like early rock not blues’ but since the blues is widely credited as starting the rock movement shut my mouth I guess. I did like the music but the problem is that it is only one song and I’m going to need a lot more than that before I’m enthralled. I also had to wonder what a pair in Ireland would know about the blues but I suppose music can reach anyone anywhere… I just wouldn’t have thought it was so huge overseas.

After going over everything a couple times I realized why this looked so familiar, it plays nearly identical to the old Nightmare Before Christmas game on the PS2. Same semi-open world gameplay with magic elements where you collect music to fight bosses in musical battles. The bio claims this is an open world game but I can’t help but notice we always see the main group on some kind of linear trail; except for one brief instance in the trailer where they go off trail for a second. So maybe it is more open world than it looks but what is in that world? It looks very empty with claims about how much there is to find and the 100 different enemies to fight. There are some interesting set pieces but no explanation on how they fit in the world. I get the feeling this game might be biting off more than it can chew. There is a reason open world games take so long to design, because there is literally no ends to the problems that can come up when the player can progress at random in a mostly open map. The graphics also kind of put me off a little and everything looks mostly alike. I can only hope the animation is going to get a complete overhaul because the odd jerky movements are rather unsettling.

The story almost made sense to me but then they had to throw in a wizard gatekeeper like Gandalf got a job as a bouncer at the club; ‘hey I’m going to go take this guy’s soul for music lessons.’’YOU SHALL NOT PASS!… before I see some ID.’ Why they didn’t just make it the actual devil is beyond me, everyone else beyond the cross roads is demon and the myth goes that famous blues musicians would sell their souls at the cross roads for great music skills. Other than that the story looks interesting; perhaps a little racy but it is a period piece so it works out. Again they may be trying a little too much though with all the RPG, open world and music elements; that is kind of a tall order to put together. Don’t get me wrong, I respect someone for going all out with their dreams, if I wasn’t such a wage slave I’d go back to writing and screwing with people on craigslist. There are limits however and with only a two person team and the possibility and buying more music tracks they are either going to have to cut back or scale down a lot.