Lancelot’s Hangover is one of the most oddly unique games in some time, which is really something for an indie game. In a market where survival depends almost exclusively on how many fans you can pull in, generally away from other indie games, the most unique usually pull ahead. Of course this isn’t always the case as more professional games appear in the indie market, looking for funds to do something the fans want but no business would back. In a sea of Minecraft and flappy bird clones though finding a genuinely unique experience gets harder by the day. Recently I took a look at Pinstripe, another indie game with unusual fan appeal already. Ironically Pinstripe had an evil twin, born at nearly the same time called Lancelot’s Hangover. While both games deal with religion and questing they could not be more different.


Lancelot’s Hangover is the story of Lancelot. After drinking too much he lost his clothes and now is on a mission from God to drink hard liquor from the Holy Grail. Bizarre, humorous and easy to play when smashed Lancelot’s Hangover truly is the inbred child of Monkey Island and Monty Python’s the Holy Grail. While the graphics may look lackluster at best it probably took more work to make them that way than not. It also gives off a medieval feel that the game is set in. If you thought Monty Python was hilarious than this is the game for you, with drinking, drug and politically incorrect jokes galore. People who are insulted easily will want to stay clear however.

The game still needs a lot of work; the demo turned up a number of bugs that while not game breaking were very close. A couple bugs easily could have been game breaking but I was able to find work arounds. It is also confusing at times and not the good confusing like why weed sounds like sheep and wanders away. No the bad kind that caused me to spend more time than necessary on the first puzzle because there is little clue as to what you are supposed to be doing. It could probably use some more direction all around since there is little to none. The Kickstarter page is also kind of a mad mess, it is hard to tell which parts are real or fake. It is still amusing though so I didn’t mind. If I receive my copy in floppy disk format though I am going to be super pissed. The short three hour run length seems ill advised, especially since I already played 1/3 of it for free. If there is one thing I am hoping for though it would probably be a sort of Spanish inquisition.