Well hello ladies, have you ever wondered why so many games seem to be geared specifically towards males? A new Kickstarter named Sentimental Trickster, an English yaoi visual novel, is here to even the odds. So fangirls (and guys into that sorta thing) rejoice and let the sexy man on man shipping commence. With at least a dozen endings there is an incredible number of possible paths to take and no telling who you may end up with… that’s if you don’t end up alone… not that I would know… As of now there are four possible suitors, the old-hot guy, the tough-hot guy, the serious-hot guy and of course the hot-hot guy. It’s possible more will come but it is unclear whether this is for sure or only part of the stretch goal ($11,000 unlocks a secret dateable character).


The art is also superb and amazingly the entire game has been designed by a single person so far. It does fall into that issue with one or two person teams, where everything and everyone looks very similar but you’re here for the hot guys anyways right? Playing the demo, the game strongly resembles the manga Fruit Basket, even the house looks very similar. Just gender swap Tohru for Haru and instead of suggesting mature content put it on display and it’s a dead ringer. There are other characters, including females, but it is unclear what supporting role they play so far. Of course all the characters have their dark secrets, including the main character, and figuring them out is half the fun.

Many of the important parts of the game seem to be done already but just like any game it needs that final polish. The demo had some issues at the start but I can say I was happily surprised how attentive the creator was to the issue and can respect that. So anyone even a little interested should at least give the demo a try. While the content is not for everyone it is definitely worth looking at. Hell, I like to think I’m as macho a man as they come and I’m trying it out. There may also be an interview coming soon so look forward to that.