Like some odd mashup of Valkyria Chronicles and a not shit version of Steel Battalion the Kickstarter game Tokyo Warfare intrigues me in ways only the most bizarre can. Based off some ancient arcade game I never heard of before it is exactly what it sounds like, a bunch of tanks fighting it out all over Tokyo. The curious thing is that it is being designed in Spain… so unless my geography is way off I don’t think Spain is anywhere near Japan. I also get that feeling I get when a violent game takes place in an actual place but I don’t think it will matter at all here since it isn’t based on actual events. So tanks and anime together at last, what’s not to love? It has been done before in one medium or another but this is more action and less RPG with romance. The game has already been greenlit and backed by the Square Enix collective which apparently means a lot.

The maps look very authentic and buildings detail oriented; at the same time though the lack of people, the perfect clean look and the lack of small details is kind of weird and actually pulls me away from the game. I assume from the description that some of these will be added though since it appears they went to great length to design the most realistic car crushing graphics. It also mentions adding NPC soldiers with air and sea units but I’ll believe that when I see it. I can’t help but notice we have only seen one of the supposed many maps though which seems rather ominous. Besides the environment graphics which are eerily pristine the story graphics are interesting but not in a bad way, they kind of remind me of an anime I vaguely remember where all the characters were loosely based off of groups in WWII. There doesn’t seem to be much of a story here, although to be fair first person shooters and plot have been getting farther and farther apart recently. When the entire purpose of the game is to blow up the other team though I guess plot is involved very much.

From the description the game seems to function very well actually. Tanks look and act realistic and take damage like you would think a tank should; when you blow off the treads they actually fly off. Not to mention the destructible environment and how it can actually affect the tank. I like how you can blow up bridges and other things to mess up your opponent when you can’t get directly to them. I can only assume they actually plan to add cars into the map at some point which will be awesome. As far as tank simulators go I would have to say these developers are on the right track and have things well in hand. However, there hasn’t been much of anything else yet. In the words of my people, they talk a big game but if you can’t show me the money it didn’t happen… or something like that. There are no examples of the music yet but it promises a lot of Jpop style sound with the ability to add your own tracks, which is an interesting feature. I wonder what languages the voice work will be done in though for a game with teenage female tank drivers from multiple backgrounds.

I don’t know how to feel about this game before actually playing it yet. It talks about everything it can do, including online multiplayer but it is hard to judge without actually doing. If the developers can actually do what they say they can do then it could be a great game. There are a lot of components to consider though and from the details we have so far it doesn’t look like they have all been put together yet. A lot of pieces that are kind of fun by themselves but may not work at all together. I’m not really sure about the Rift compatibility either though; that feels a little close to Steel Battalion for my comfort. Many people seem to think that Oculus will be the next gamin system but I’m not so convinced yet… that and it will probably make me nauseous.