So September wasn’t that great for free PSN games and October isn’t looking much better. They also didn’t do that voting thing again but I suppose they said it wasn’t going to happen every month, I just didn’t expect them to crap out so soon on it. I figured they would at least test it out for a couple of months before taking a break. A bleaker trend though seems to be the focus on small time indie games over large titles which seem to pop up on the free game list less and less now and days. It was nice at first, pay for the PSN Gold which had and still has little to no point and get a free AAA game or two a month. Now it feels like wading through a river of shit just to pick out the cheap gems scattered here and there. Maybe I’m just cynical, free is free I suppose but it doesn’t even feel like they are putting in an effort anymore. My guess is that they are just putting out the small fishes in order to emphasize the big fish getting dropped into the pond soon, namely Assassins Creed and Black Ops (I have my eye on Fallout).

The funny thing is that the trailer for the games this month only included the PS4 titles, which is evidence to me anyways that they already have no faith in this month’s lineup. The one upside to this month and the latest free games in general is that most are cross buys so I can play them on most of my Sony systems. First is Chariot, a 2D puzzle physics game that has you moving a wheeled coffin from point A to B in a series of real life physics puzzles. It kind of reminds me of a Portal 2 multiplayer, except everything is flat and boring. Kung Fu Rabbit is the real bottom of the barrel for me though, an iOS title that was dragged over to the systems for some reason and even as far as iOS games go it doesn’t look that good; another 2D where you play as the slowest rabbit and the slowest ninja ever, not what I would call a great combo.

Next is Unmechanical: Extended, another 2D puzzle/exploration game. When did puzzle games become such a huge thing? I enjoy them myself but only when they are done well. Of course everything can’t be Portal or Monkey Island but still. I feel so bogged down with near identical puzzle games that try to be creative and out pretty each other to the point of meaninglessness. This next one, KickBeat, I won’t get my hopes up on but I have always had a sort of weak spot for music and rhythm games. It reminds me of the old Papa the Rappa games, you fight off bad guys to a funky beat. The footage I saw didn’t impress me much but I am more interested in how it sounds. My guess is a lot of dubstep which already sounds suspiciously all the same. It also seems to involve some level of tentacle hentai but you can judge that for yourself.

Lastly are the PS4 titles, the only recognizable titles and the ones that may redeem this month’s list. Super Meat Boy is well known already for being very long and insanely difficult. Another 2D platforming game that has the player traverse trap infested maps where anything but split second timing will get you killed. Much for the same reason I only find Dark Souls mildly interesting I don’t find enjoyment from dyeing endless amounts of times just to find the only way through a ridiculous maze. I know this game has a large following already though so I’m sure some people will enjoy it. Lastly and by far the best is Broken Age and I assume it is Part 1 only but it could be both for all I know. A point and click adventure game, you must go through two separate maps as two different characters in order to find a way to switch places basically. This game received wide acclaim upon release ages ago I believe and since the point and click genre and been dying out for years now I am interested in what this will offer. Maybe there will be a hidden gem in this bunch but I think I’ll save my optimism for November. The October list goes up on the 6th since they missed the last update day so get what you can out of September before it is gone.