With a new month comes a new list of free games for December, a year subscription to PSN plus would have paid itself off times over by now. I can’t say Sony was exactly generous with the selection this month; it’s still not as bad as some previous months but there isn’t really any winner’s right out the gate either. I still haven’t had time to get to any of the other games from last month, except for Mass Effect which was interesting if not mildly confusing. Now that I have finished Fallout 4 (for the time being) and have already become disillusioned with Battlefront (thanks for nothing EA) and with little else coming in the foreseeable future I think it is time to play catch up.

On the PS3 we have a couple of interesting choices starting with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Much like Kung Fury with the world’s supply of neon lights shoved in it is a futuristic version of Far Cry set in the 80’s? Why do so many futuristic societies degrade back to a time most people would largely rather forget? Besides the music I have no interest in going through the 80’s again… or the 90’s for that matter. With gameplay near identical to Far Cry 3, a game that had nearly every reward shooting out its ass, there is very little area for screwing up. Some things like the upgrade tree have been vastly downgraded but I guess that lets you focus on shooting things. The nice part is that it works by itself so you don’t even need Far Cry 3, something I find odd for a DLC but it works. Second is SSX, the snowboarding game with a dark and edgy center. I already dealt with enough snow in my life, that’s why I moved away in the first place. Ironically this isn’t the first snowboarding game I have ever played though; a distant relative with little to no knowledge of games gave me a copy of the first Coolboarders. I played it to be nice but it just wasn’t my style… and I received gift cards for the remainder of my childhood. So if you snowboard you may like it?

On the PS4 we have a couple of rather obscure titles, or obscure as far as I care. First is Gauntlet, another top down hack and slash dungeon crawling game; a genre at this point that is almost as played out as Minecraft clones were not that long ago. With four classes, co-op and somewhat randomly generated maps. Maybe if you and some friends are looking for something to do otherwise it all sounds kind of repetitive to me. The other is King’s Quest part 1, kind of a re-inventing of the classic adventure game version without the point and click elements. Only part one of 5 or 6 is out so far with the rest spread out across 2016 right now. An interesting game it boast completely open world elements; it still may be worth playing though if not just to play something different.

On the Vita we have some interesting choices that I find slightly bizarre and therefore worth my time. Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is an intriguing 2D side scrolling shooter where you play as a bad ass versus… Nazi and Communist birds? I guess I always say the best way to get attention is to put an unexpected spin on things; considering my first thought on the name was an Angry Birds clone I was fairly surprised. However, there is a point where things become too unique and stop being interesting. Lastly is Freedom Wars, a Japanese RPG that I believe was well known and received when it came out ages ago. Much like the book 1984 you are a prisoner in the remains of an underground city and are always being watched. Then some crazy shit happens and you find yourself fighting off super bad guys, collecting resources and leading your followers to control everything. A good game with a lot of interesting little pieces here and there. Best part is that it will work on the PS TV, so that’s something. So good month, not great, but with the holidays fast approaching even I know I have other things to be doing… and a large pile of black Friday games to go through.