So usually by now I put up the new list of free PSN games to gold members but for whatever reason it has been delayed for some time. A lot of people have speculated a lot of things; ranging from the discontinuation or limiting of games to the holy grail of free triple A titles. Either way it was kind of ominous waiting so long to announce the new stuff. Usually when things have to wait longer than normal it does not bode well. Of course right before I was about to write about that the games finally get dropped. There is no explanation though why it took so long but since everything seems to be the same I’ll just assume everyone at Sony just took a really long vacation.

On PS4 we have Hardware: Rivals, a kind of tank slash armored vehicle battle royal game; just less dark than Twisted Metal… and probably less interesting. The real winner this month is the other PS4 game, Grim Fandango Remastered. One of the best point and click adventure games ever to grace the PC, ranking along with Monkey Island, I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am for this title. Rich in Mexican folklore and as witty as they come this updated version for the PS4 is a dream come true… now if they would only remaster Curse of Monkey Island.

On PS3 we have a couple of triple A and well known titles, Dragon Age: Origins and Medal of Honor Warfighter. As far as my memory goes I never found these titles spectacular, on one end we have another WW something or another game and on the other a dungeon crawling fantasy. While not exactly unique and done much better by other developers they are still worth playing at least one time. Of course I will have to convince my PS3 to accept another game but I don’t think it will before I finally platinum Mass Effect and remove it for good.

On the Vita we have a couple of interesting titles I wasn’t even aware were on the Vita, ever, at any point in time. Legends of War: Patton, what I always thought was a PSP title that did extremely poorly but I haven’t seen a PSP game I didn’t own or wasn’t on ebay for many years. Then there is alsoNihilumbra, what I thought was a free app game only apparently it flew in under the radar as a download only title. A side scrolling adventure you are a black slime and you must defeat all of the other black slimes in the world. Oddly enough when I looked this game up to remember I couldn’t help but think it looked exactly the same as a Kickstarter game I recently did a report on and was funded. The levels look very similar and enemies are near identical, the main character is the only real major difference.